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  • Opportunity to grow revenue in Arcade CRM
  • RFV segmentation model delivered
  • 20:1 increase in campaign ROI
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  • Budget and target planning needed
  • Conversion model and KPIs created
  • 15% year on year growth
  • Target surpassed by 6%
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  • Overall need to increase sales
  • Multi-channel and org. review delivered
  • Increased agency performance
  • Affiliate growth of 20%
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  • PPC campaign under-performing
  • PPC audit and on-going strategy
  • 15% increase in conversion rate
  • 15% reduction in CPA
  • Revenue uplift of £275,000
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  • Decline in display channel performance
  • Stream:20 took over the channel
  • 113% increase in display sales
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  • PPC needed to grow to hit targets
  • Channel audit and interim management
  • 28% cost savings
  • 46% uplift in conversion rate
  • 11% uplift in sales
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  • Affiliate programme growth opportunity
  • Stream:20 took over the channel
  • 400% increase in sales in Q1
  • 1,400% increase in sales year on year
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