Member Get Member (MGM) Marketing

Member Get Member (MGM) marketing is based on a customer referral system; where the customer and the referred friend reap rewards, and the marketer boosts their customer acquisition. Get it right and MGM can be a great source of maximising your high value customers. But the reality is that referral schemes are difficult to get [...]

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Why Content Marketing Sucks

[Sometimes it’s best not to try to provide 7-step answers but to encourage people to start thinking in a new direction. That’s the intention of this post.] There’s a problem with Content Marketing, a big problem. It’s an issue we need to take very seriously. Before it’s too late. Because the more we blindly engage [...]

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We are now an Optimizely Solutions Partner!

Marketers know that providing real-time, personalised and relevant messages to their customers boosts performance.  This type of marketing requires good data, a level of customisation and most importantly a test-and-learn approach.  Optimizely is a great platform to allow for marketers to better understand what works onsite, and improve their websites. Here at Stream:20, we take [...]

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Stream:20 are hiring

Job Description If you are working in a client-side digital marketing role, consider joining us as a consultant at Stream:20. We are currently growing our high-calibre team and we are looking for talented, professional, experienced individuals to consult on big-brand client engagements. As a Stream:20 consultant you will spend time working on-site at the client’s [...]

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The unconventional guide to micro conversions

Every business has their list of business objectives. These are usually to get to the end goal – the macro conversion – but what about the little things that push you towards this bigger objective – the micro conversions. Micro conversions can be one of multiple calls to action; for example, they might be the [...]

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Growth Hacking for Enterprise – what it is and how you can use it

On 17th July 2014, Serge Milbank, Co-Founder, Stream:20 gave this presentation on Growth Hacking for Enterprise, at the Figaro Digital Marketing Conference. Growth Hacking for Enterprise – what it is and how you can use it from Serge Milbank     Follow @eumeus   For more information, take a look at our other articles on [...]

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