Complete the new IAB AMC Survey here

The New IAB AMC survey is now live. As an active member of the AMC we are working with the council to gain valuable feedback from merchants currently working within the affiliate channel.

The IAB is the UK’s leading trade association for online and mobile advertising and represents the interests of its members in developing best practice and promoting the growth of these channels. One of the ways that this occurs is through the management of councils for different disciplines, one of which is the Affiliate Marketing Council.

The IAB AMC, currently chaired by BskyB’s Helen Southgate, has been in existence for 5 years and has been responsible for promotion, self-regulation and education around affiliate marketing in the UK. Examples of work carried out and information about getting involved can be found here :

In order to assist in understanding and promotion of affiliate marketing in the UK, the IAB AMC are conducting a short survey and request your help. The survey should take a maximum of 5 minutes to complete and is absolutely anonymous.


The survey will close on Monday 10th October so please complete before then.

In addition, we are looking for a small number of merchants to spend 10 minutes talking face to face with a member of the IAB AMC at this year’s A4U Expo in London in October. This will just be a chance for us to ask some more qualitative questions to augment the survey. If you’d be happy to do this, please email to signal your intent.

Thanks for your time.

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